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Legend of Lotus Sword fairy

Rating 9
Status: Ongoing Network: Released: Apr 23, 2023 Duration: 10min Season: Type: ONA Fansub: Donghua Guoman Casts:
In the world of Azure Clouds, the struggle between the immortal and demonic realms continues without end. Xu Changqing, born in the Qinglian Sword Valley, had always aspired to become a sword immortal. However, his hopes were short-lived as the ninth demon general of the Cyan Moon Palace invaded the Sword Valley, resulting in the sacrifice of Xu Changqing's grandfather. Xu Changqing was recognized by the "Qinglian Emperor Sword" and fought against the demon general, but was ultimately defeated. Later, the Kunlun Tai Bai Sword Immortal, Qiu Wuya, arrived and repelled the demon invasion. He brought Xu Changqing and Mu Zixun to Kunlun Mountain, where the other immortals desired to seize the Qinglian Emperor Sword. Qiu Wuya stopped them and Xu Changqing awakened his own spiritual power, the "Chaos Gathering Spirit Tablet," and was taken as Qiu Wuya's disciple. In the Immortal Sword Competition, Xu Changqing defeated Xia Qinghou and won the championship. He gained the qualification to enter the forbidden area of Kunlun Mountain in search of the Fountain of Youth that could revive his grandfather. Xu Changqing chose to venture into the dangerous forbidden area of Kunlun Mountain.

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